Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Saturday?

We made it to the weekend and another date with the scale. So, I did not lose any weight this week. Something different happened...I gained a few pounds!!! I was truly and thoroughly shocked! This is new...I did splurge last Sunday and Monday in honor of Valentine's Day, but then created a calorie deficit throughout the was really surprised to see the scale this morning.

I guess I really am "allergic" to sugar. So, my only course of action is to remain focused and soldier on! And I will!!

Note to self...the sugary treats simply were not worth it! A good lesson for sure!

Desire, dedication and discipline.....makes all the difference!

1 comment:

  1. S**t, S**t, S**t!! What a trippy time! Admirable to face your blogsters with the honest truth...And, good luck this coming week as you face your scale, again...with all your desire, discipline and dedication! Love you!