Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just back from a special Valentine's Day breakfast with my Valentine. I enjoyed some fluffy pancakes and half of a strawberry banana muffin! Super yummy! I could only eat half my order of pancakes an, yes, I did have butter and real maple syrup with them......I'm sure that was plenty of calories!

So, as soon as my stomach settles, we are off to the gym. Today I'll do an hour of wieght training and an hour of cardio. This will help balance the special Valentine's Day treats! Then the real fun begins!

We are planning on coming home and veging out in the jacuzzi with champagne and munchies! It is a glorious sunny warm winter day in San Diego so it perfect for some outdoor lounging!

Whatever you do today to celebrate Valentine's Day, I wish you lots of love - for yourself, for your loved ones and for peace on our planet.

Desire, dedication and discipline - love yourself enough to focus on you!

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