Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Whole Fam Damily

My brother and his family are visiting.  It is amazing how grown up his 2 youngest are.  They are 16 and 18 and spectacular young men. 

I invited them to work out with my trainer on Saturday morning and was pleasantly surprised when they said they wanted to join me.  It was a blast.  I am so grateful that they are interested in health and fitness. 

I feel good about being a positive influence in their lives.  I can't believe they are so grown up!!!

Their older brother, who is 26, is expecting his first child in November.  Yesterday, I said, for the first time, that I am going to have my first grand baby.  It is so exciting to know that I will be a grand auntie.  The continuation of generations simply heightens the need to focus on being healthy so that I will be able to enjoy the new grand nephew arriving in November. 

What is happening in your life that motivates you to keep going, keep striving, keep making good choices to enhance your healthy journey?

Desire to meet my grand nephew.  Dedication to love my nephews.  Discipline to help teach my nephews by good example.

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