Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mermaid Sisters

My trainer, Kathi Potts, was competing in the Vineman Ironman (in Sonoma) yesterday.  She finished 9th in her division, 50-54.  She went the whole 140+ miles in 14 hours.  Simply AMAZING!

Since she was out of town (I workout with her Saturday mornings), I decided to swim yesterday for my workout.  I used my parent's community pool and swam a mile.  It felt great. I am definitely part mermaid and swimming is my strongest sport, always has been.

After my swim, I was chatting with 2 other people who were swimming laps.  We introduced ourselves and I mentioned that my sister swims everyday at that pool.  They said....Is your sister Joy?  I said....Yes!  They told me that were so proud of her and how much she had progressed with her swimming.  My sis is on her own healthy journey and began a while ago, incorporating pool exercise as a way of reaching a healthier weight.  Then she progressed to swimming laps.  According to John and Judy (from the pool) she has reached 50 laps!  Go sis go!!! 

Joy had never mentioned her progress to me, but I am super proud of her!  Most people can't or won't swim 50 laps, and now she does!  Let's hear it for sister mermaids! 

So go out and get your mermaid on, find a pool, jump in and enjoy a swim!

Desire to enjoy summer exercise.  Dedication to keep lapping the pool.  Discipline to go a full mile.


  1. So proud of joy! 50 laps that is awesome.

  2. Thank you Patty, (and Helene)! I appreciate the shout outs! I, too, was in Sonoma while Kathy was competing in an IronMan. I was on an Abundance Run; keeping a full schedule massaging clients! I'm happy to report I had access to a salt water pool and completely enjoyed using it during my visit!

    Afterall, what suits a mermaid more that swimming inwarm, salty water?? ;-)