Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bull Taco Birthday

Today we are off to the oceanfront San Elijo campgrounds where there is a taco stand called Bull Taco.  A friend of ours is celebrating her birthday by inviting people to gather there and then take advantage of the beach front location for water fun.  I am looking forward to the celebration. 

This will be a fun, interesting eclectic group of people including many from the yoga community, the healing arts community (this is our friend who is a reikke master) and a few corporate folks like Allen and I.  It should be great to share and hear different perspectives together.

It makes me think of our collective healthy journeys.  Each of us is interested in cultivating, capturing and sustaining health.  Each of us goes about it in a different way.  I think there is a need to suspend judgment and be open to lots of possibilities. 

Is organic always better?
Are processed carbs always bad?
Is daily exercise always the best way?
Is vegetarian/flexitarian/vegan/gluten free/dairy free (etc) the only way to go?
Lift heavy weights with low reps?
Lift light weights with high reps?
What about low salt, fat free, corn syrup, trans fats, casein?

I think the best we can do is to strive to keep learning, be open to listen to different perspectives and select the path that is best for you.

Desire to be open to learning.  Dedication to seeking out people who don't always agree. Discipline to suspend judgment and listen.


  1. All that being said; "I always find it's more challenging to do that I expect!" (The hanging with those who don't agree part!)

    Loved the title of this post! Now I want a Bull Taco Birthday! ;-)