Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Morning After!

OK, raise your hand if you consumed the average calories on Thanksgiving.....that would be 4,000 calories!  I confess, I didn't actually count, but I probably came in at the national average.  And it was yummy! 

The morning of, I did a kick ass workout on my new step 360, complete with weight lifting, burpees, jacks and mountain climbers!  I worked up a good sweat, and I took a walk before the big dinner, so at least I mitigated a few of the calories!

My "morning after" included beach cardio and yoga.  Actually, Monday morning, I am beginning significant calorie restriction to get me through December.  My goal is to, not only, not gain any holiday pounds, but to actually shed a few.  My strategy is to indulge in a few scheduled holiday celebrations, but then to really restrict on the other days of this tempting month.

Wish me luck!  Please help keep me honest.  Please send me messages reminding me of my commitment to myself!  I look forward to your help!

Desire to exit the season a lighter version of myself.  Dedication to celebrating with balance.   Discipline to December calorie restriction.

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