Monday, December 3, 2012

"Living Lightly"

This week I would like to share with you aother wonderful website.  I found it recently and have been enjoying what it offers.  It is called Living Lightly and the author is Diane Petrella.  You can find her at

I hope you enjoy the read!

In last week's Secret, Appreciate and Thank Your Body, you learned that by appreciating all your body does for you, and by consciously offering thanks, you can begin to create a more loving relationship with your body.

This week we will delve deeper into the Fifth Secret: Imagine Yourself At Your Ideal Weight.

Your imagination is extremely powerful. When coupled with strong desire it activates unseen energies within you. Visualizing yourself living life at your ideal weight encodes in your body/mind the mental blueprint needed to make that image your reality.

Consistent positive visualization feeds your mind images of success. Take five minutes daily and imagine yourself living life at your ideal, natural weight. Especially notice the feelings and sensations associated with this experience. As you visualize yourself at your desired weight you will more naturally make healthy choices based on this new self-image.

Desire to love your body.  Dedication to appreciate your body. Discipline to remember to thank you body.

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