Sunday, October 28, 2012

Whoops She Did It Again!

Thankfully, I am not talking about Britney Spears.....but I am talking about my trainer, Kathi.  Yesterday she changed it up yet again!  This time she had us doing isometric weight training.  Try these:
  • pick up 2 - 7.5 lb weights (feel free to use heavier weights if you can!).  Raise your arms out into a T shape and count to 20 very slowly.  Follow that with 10 lateral raises at regular speed. 
  • hold those same weights, with your arms bent at a 90 degree angle to the body pointing forward, palms up, then raise your arms slightly as though your were carrying a large serving platter away from your body.  Hold that position and count slowly to 20.  Follow that with 10 raises as you raise your arms overhead to a straight arm and return to the original position with your elbows at your waist, 90 degrees to the body, palms up through the entire move.
  • do a forward lunge and hold it for a slow count of 10.  Do that 10 times alternating legs, followed by 10 regular alternating lunges.   
You can begin to get the picture.  Every movement was preceded by a slow isometric version of the regular move.  It was GREAT!  I always love an extra challenge.  This morning I can feel some of my muscles, so I am happy.

I must confess, as I was doing the lateral raises and my arms were out in a T shape, all I could think about was the Olympic gymnasts who hold that position between the rings.  I think they call it an iron cross.  Boy, am I a wimp compared to those folks!  Still, I am happy with my efforts, Olympic level or not!!!

I hope if you are on the east coast that you are out of harm's way with the impending storm!

Desire for everyone to be safe from life's storms. Dedication to try isometric weight lifting.   Discipline to hold it while counting slowly to 20.

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