Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome to NPM!

Can you believe it is October tomorrow?????  Krikey!  Where has 2012 gone????  Since tomorrow is Ocotber 1, I thought I would talk a little about NPM, known to many as National Patty Month!  My birthday is the 8th.  When we married, my hubbie said the 8th was National Patty sweet, no?  Then we discovered that one day is simply not enough, so it switched to National Patty Week and, over time, has evolved to be NPM!

Why the childish focus on my birthday, you might be asking?  Well, I am one of those rare women/people that embraces birthdays with a passion!  Simply put, I believe that having a birthday beats the crap out of not having a birthday! 

17 years ago I lost my BFF to breast cancer.  She made me promise, literally, to make a big deal about having my birthday, because she knew she was not going to have anymore.  Of course, it was wildly sad at the time, but now I honor Monica by making a big damn deal every year when October rolls around!

Clearly, aging is not for the faint of heart.  The challenge to be healthy only accelerates as the years fly by.  I once heard a comedian say that if you are over 50 (which I am) and you wake up in the morning and say that nothing hurts, you are either lying or you are dead!  Ha-ha.  (queue the drum rif in the background!) 

You need to keep monitoring caloric intake because our metabolism slows down.  You need to keep working out even more to combat the metabolism thing, even in the face of creaky joints.  You need to find ways to get a good night sleep and laugh in the face of menopause interupted sleep........and the challenges don't end there.  Nonetheless, I still LOVE my birthday. 

So during Ocotber, please join me in enjoying your workouts, eathing healthy to promote greater longevity and being good to yourself, because you are worth it!  We all are!!!!

Desire to celebrate my birthday.  Dedication to a healthy journey to generate more birthdays.  Discipline to celebrate my birthday with moderation.   

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  1. Bring on NPM! Thanks for the story about Monica and all your enthusiasm to "Keep on Truckin"!