Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lobstah, Lobstah, Lobstah - Get in My Belly!

I am posting from the front porch of the ocean front Beach House in Kennebunk, Maine.  It is a stunningly beautiful sunny day.  We walked into town and back, a five mile walk.  At least we had a little exercise!  We stopped for lunch and I had a cup of lobster stew which was just a milky broth loaded with lobster meat.  Then I had a lobster roll.  Ridiculously delicious!

I know I will have lots of vacation calories to work off, but this land of lobster is worth it!  It truly is something we cannot get at home!

Thank goodness for this perfect weather.  We will walk into town again for dinner, which will likely involve more lobster!  Monday we fly back to San Diego where I will embrace unlimited veges and lean protein again.  For now, I have two more days of vacation decadence to enjoy!  It has been an amazing 25th anniversary celebration.  We will not forget it!

Desire to be decadent on vacation.  Dedication to enjoying local fare.  Discipline to return to real life.

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