Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ahhhh, Sweet Summer!

Thank you summer, for producing so many gorgeous vegetables and fruits!  I have moved on to phase 2 of South Beach, which means including some fruits and whole grains.  Like I have said before, very much aligned with the "Patty" approach to eating (I don't like calling it a "diet")!  25 days with no sugar (none, nada, zero, zippo), and I feel virtuous!  I have conquered the "monster".  It is now up to me, and not my cravings, to decide if and when I want to eat something with sugar again.

Our neighbors have a garden and have been on vacation.  They asked us to harvest their garden while they were away.  Their garden has been producing beautiful yellow summer squash.  It is so delicious and has found it's way into most of our meals.  I have sauteed it (in chicken broth) with onions, I have roasted it in the oven with a drizzle of EVOO and we have grilled it on the BBQ outside.  So delicious!  This morning, I chopped a huge fresh squash right out of the garden, sprayed the pan with PAM, tossed in a chopped onion and a few handfulls of spinach, cooked that until the veges were soft then tossed in beaten egg whites with a little shredded lofat mozzarella.....DELICIOUS Sunday morning breakfast scramble.  Our garden this year is all flowers but we are considering starting our own vege garden.  It really is a blast to pick something out of the garden and eat it!

So look around at your grocery store, farmers market or maybe in your own back yard!  Select veges you may not have tried and get creative!  No matter what eating plan you are on, there is one thing they all agree on......load up on fresh yummy veges to improve your health!

Desire to include at least 5 servings of veges every day. Dedication to seeking out the freshest, most delicious veges for you. Discipline to buying and preparing more veges in the most healthy way possible.

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  1. Love how you "changed up" the look of the blog! I especially love the new photo ;-) As for gardens inspiring food choices...Heck Yeah!!! (And for that matter...Farmers' Markets, too!) Seasonal food is magical...and YUMMY!