Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Celebrations - Keeping It Real

Summer is in full swing.  I have sun tea brewing in the back yard right now.  Awesome decaf tea bags with fresh apple mint leaves from the garden.  It will be a tasty treat later on for sure!  It seems that every day there is another opportunity to "celebrate" summer.  By celebrate, I mean eat off plan.  I had a wonderful lunch with some dear dear friends last Friday.  They went for glasses of cold crisp white wine, sweet potato fries and more.  I had iced tea and a lite little salad.

I was in Dallas on a business trip Monday -Thursday last week.  I had a big department lunch and 2 dinners with colleagues.  Each time, I made positive healthy choices and did not "stray".  I stayed at a beautiful hotel with a huge breakfast buffet.  But instead of the buffet, I ordered from the menu, my egg whites and veges.  My final night at the hotel, I did a cardio workout and went to the restaurant for dinner.  I ordered the scallop appetizer, but asked for them broiled dry.  Then I ordered a salad with seared ahi on top, asking for no croutons, no cheese and no dressing.  The waiter was very obliging.  As he removed my empty plates, he said with a smile....I guess you don't want to see the desert menu?  I chuckled and said no.  He said...that would just undo all your great work. 

It was funny how validated I felt by his simple comment.  So nice that a total stranger recognized that I was indeed working hard to be healthy.  Thank you Mr. Server, whoever you are!    

So, I am on day 18 of "South Beach" eating, aka, Patty's plan.  Zero sugar.  Zero fruit.  Zero grains.  Zero starchy vege.  Lots of fresh vegetables, lots of lean proteins, small amount of low fat or fat free dairy.  I must admit, I really LOVE my sugar free popsicles at night.  It is amazing how they satisfy my sweet tooth.  I am 6 lbs lighter.  That makes me happy.

Even better news, my Mom has shed 7 pounds.  And she has been following this eating pattern for only 9 days!  You go Mom!!!!

So, I am enjoying and celebrating summer.  The light, the air, the fresh herbs, the summer squash from the garden, dips in the jacuzzi, walks on the beach, all the beautiful flowers......Hooray for summer!

Desire to celebrate summer.  Dedication to maintaining my focus.  Discipline to say "no thank you".

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  1. Congratulations on your success living in South Beach!! And I agree about how positive and supportive your dinner server's comment was!! Good Summertime vibes abound!