Saturday, December 10, 2011

Try a "Mini" Fix!

Frequently, in my work, I facilitate leadership development sessions.  I bring bags of mini candy to the workshops and put a few on each table.  Most people enjoy a bite.  I rarely touch them myself.  I like to tell people that I am alergic to sugar.  When I say it, most people nod their heads and look sympathetic, but I quickly follow-up with....whenever I eat it, I break out in hips!  It takes a few beats, but they realize I am making a joke - har de har har!

So tonight, I was really jones-ing for something sweet, so I ate a mini-twix.  It has 30 calories and tasted yummy!  So, if you are having a craving, try a mini!  It just might do the trick!

Last night, we went to Golden Spoon yogurt.  I orderd a pumpkin fat free frozen yogurt.  The size I ordered has 100 calories so I worked it into my daily count.  It was truly delicious and satisfying!

Our dear friend sent us her annual package of homemade almond roca, aka "Christmas Crack".  This stuff is so good that it is sinful.  So, the package is sitting under our tree, unopened.  I figure if I don't open it, then I can't eat it!  We will open it, likely on Christmas Eve and share it with the family.  Until then, it stays under the tree!

I am satisfying my holiday craving one little bit at a time.  This year, my goal is to get through the holidays with minimal impact on the scales.  I will let you know how I do!

Desire for a stable weigh-in through the holidays.  Dedication to small treats.  Discipkine to keep the Christmas Crack unopened until the 24th!


  1. Christmas crack has arrived....HOORAY!! That you call it "crack"...priceless.

  2. You are so amazing Patty. I wish I could work with you again so that your positive energy and discipline would rub off on me. Big week coming up - "All Hands" and I'm in charge of the agenda and most of the content and facilitating a leadership dev session. Catered lunches and dinners every day - lord help me. But I will have you in my mind encouraging me to make healthy choices each step of the way! I made sure salad would always be available! My familie's christmas crack is home made caramel popcorn... we're not making it this year.