Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy 5th Night of Hannukah and Merry Christmas Eve!

Just sitting here, hoping you are enjoying the heck out of this wonderful holiday!  I started my day with my normal 2 hours Saturday morning workout. Then we took my 2 nephews to the beach because it was mid 70's, brilliant sunshine and just about as perfect as a day can get!  We took a long walk on the beach with a destination in mind called Bull Taco.  It is a fun super casual outside taco stand on a bluff overlooking the pacific.  Alas, Bull Taco was closed. So we walked back to the car and went to another fun spot that the nephews selected. 

Then we came home and veged out in a nice hot jacuzzi.  Now we are off to Mom's house to share a yummy Christmas eve dinner. 

Tomorrow morning we will get up and do a fun hike together before opening gifts and eating some more delicious food.  I am going to do the week in between Christmas and New Years as a protein week.  Then celebrate New Years and begin 2012 in good shape to continuing my healty journey.

What types of strategies will you employ to enjoy and deploy your healthy journey?

Desire to savor every treat and every moment.  Dedication to treaure loved ones.  Discipline to make healthy choices and keep moving!

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  1. Cookies. Have. Voices. ....Must put on Bose soundproof headset! ;-)