Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

I am so happy to be home, I can't even express how happy I am! All the way home on the flight, I reflected how challenging it is to stay really healthy while on a business trip. Then I think about how much I travelled in my former job and it is no small wonder how my health, weight and stress levels all became so comprimised.

I managed to do 4 workouts in the space of 8 days. Definitely better than nothing, but I didn't burn anywhere near the same number of calories as I do at home in the same space and time. Also, I made good food choices, even packed my own snacks to combat travel day temptations, and still I know I consumed more calories than normal.

I had planned to hit the ground in San Diego and go to the gym as my re-entry process, but the universe conspired to direct my attention elsewhere. My Dad is experiencing more coronary issues and I rushed to the hospital instead. They found a blood clot in his ventrical and are now treating it aggressively with a med to break-up the clot. Please send up a prayer that this episode will have a very positive outcome!

While at the hospital, Dad asked the attending cardiovascular nurse, what should I do differently during this treatment. Her answer was insightful, wonderful to hear and very heartwarming. She said: Look at the two of you (my Mom and Dad), you are in your 80's and doing really great, especially for your age! You eat right, don't "live at McDonald's", don't eat fried food, you exercise and are not sedentary, you love each other and are surrounded by a strong support system and you have a positive attitude, and I have found that a positive attitude is more than half the battle. You look and act at least 10 years younger than you actual age! I wish more of my patients were just like you!

So I leave you with this thought:

Desire to live a long healthy life well into your 80's with a high quality of life. Dedication to generating and sustaining a strong loving support system of family and friends. Discipline to eat healthy and keep moving your whole life!


  1. Amen, Sister! BEST 3-D's EVER!!!

  2. I send warm wishes for dad's recovery. I fully agree with that nurse.