Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Temptation of Birthday Cake

Last night we celebrated 2 family birthdays, my nephew and my brother. They both ordered a chocolate cake for their birthday. The good news is that I resisted having any cake. Even though I like chocolate occassionally, it is one of the few cakes I can easily resist! I did have 2 bites of pistachio ice cream, though. That is much harder to resist!

What are your temptations? And how do you say no?

I am struggling to figure out a way to shed more weight. I am considsering all sorts of options. My workouts are going well. I am thinking about taking some new classes to create a different burn for my body. Research tells us that our bodies grow accostomed to whatever exercise we do and we need to change it up to increase the burn!

I just read that, at rest, a pound of fat burns 2 calories an hour and a pound of muscle burns 32 calories an hour....what more evidence do we need to convince us that weight training is the way to go! It is so important to include weight training in your regime! Not only will creating more lean muscle mass burn more calories at rest, but you will be proactively combating future problems with osteoporosis by having more muscle tissue!

Please send me a message and let me know what you are doing that is working for you!

Desire to learn from other's success. Dedication to build lean muscle. Discipline to find a way to shed more weight!

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