Saturday, February 19, 2011

Going to New Jersey!

I am so excited. I am going on a business trip to New Jersey and I am so excited because I get to visit my brother and his family who moved there last summer! YAY! I will also see my BFF, Helene! Double Yay!

I will eat healthy for the week I am gone, including bringing my own snacks on the cross country flight. Even though I will be in a happy celebratory mode, I plan to stay true to my eating plan.

I am switching my workout energy. Instead of working always in the evening, I am going to try early morning cardio on Monday and Tuesday morning. I will keep Wednesday evening with Kathi, my trainer. I will keep Thursday evenings for yoga. Friday is my day off. Saturday, my double day, is an hour of cardio and an hour with my trainer in the morning. Then Sunday morning is reserved for the outside workout with my hubbie.

The big difference will be 2 morning workouts, leaving 2 evenings a week free each week.

I hope you all pay attention to the rhythm of your life and be open to shifting and trying something new to see if a redirection of your energy will be good for you!

Desire to try a new workout schedule. Dedication to listening to your inner rhythms. Discipline to keep working out at any time of the day.


  1. Look out NJ!! You'll have so much fun there! I love that you're changing up your workout routine so that you have a couple of free evenings! Great shift!

  2. Nobody I mean nobody has ever been as happy as you are to COME TO NJ.