Sunday, November 28, 2010

Potatoes and Stuffing and Pies, Oh My!

How was your Thanksgiving celebration? I hope it was as happy as mine was! I tasted some of everything and enjoyed every bite! We also celebrated my husband's birthday so there has been celebrations galore! Monday morning will dawn bright and early and I will be back on my normal plan!

This year we made stuffing balls, instead of a casserole of stuffing. A member of our community, Nancy, described how her family made stuffing. Basically, make your regular stuffing recipe, then form balls (a little smaller than a tennis ball), then rub each ball with olive oil, then bake for about 30-40 minutes until a nice crust forms on each ball. The inside is yummy and moist and the outside has a nice crust to enjoy! It is a great way to portion out a serving! PLUS, we had a hoot of a time making jokes about balls.....all day long. I formed the balls then my 81 year young Mother rubbed each one with olive oil. We cracked up the whole time! My Father, husband and brother watched and cracked jokes the whole time too! Probably burned off extra calories laughing so hard!

I did indulge in 2 workouts on Thanksgiving day....not that it mitigated all the extra calories, but it felt good just to do it! It is Sunday morning and I am gearing up for my 2 hour Sunday routine. Then we will put up our Christmas tree!

This afternoon a friend is coming by so we can outfit her for an upcoming black tie event. It is so fun to share dressy clothes with a girlfriend!!! (I've never done it with a guy friend....ha-ha)

So, tomorrow morning will bring juicing and protein shakes for a few days to balance out all the celebrations. Please let me know how your holiday was!

Desire to seek balance in life. Dedication to celebrating life's special times! Discipline to love yourself enough to stay focused and reconnect with your healthy journey!


  1. I can only imagine all the ball jokes all. day. long. And I believe laughing did lots more positive than burn calories...digestion, heart health, on & on! hahaha! I brought home the bones from the free range, etc turkey at my celebration and yesterday made an awesome turkey broth, baby! Soup!

  2. Joy, I agree. Imagine all the ball jokes! Giggling just thinking about it.