Saturday, November 6, 2010

Find Your Bliss

It is Saturday morning and I am still filled up with gratitude for an amazing sunrise this morning. I watched as the sky turned from black to grey to tinges of pink to blazing striations of red, orange and magenta and then to blue. It was quite a show! Now, I am about to begin my yoga practice, but first I need to give my tummy a few minutes to digest my breakfast. This morning I had an Ezekiel english muffin toasted with some avocado on top. It is a delicious healthy 240 calories. And so satisfying! Lots of nutrition from the organic whole grains and creamy healthy fat from the avocado! MMMMMMM!

As I watched the truly blissful sunrise, I was struck by how important it is for us to find our bliss and ensure we wallow in it often enough. For me, my Saturday morning yoga practice is blissful. I almost always walk away from my yoga with a very centered mind, body and spirit.

Finding the right activity for YOU is what is most important. Is it a walk at your special place? Is it meditation? Is it cooking or baking something nutritious to fuel yourself or your family? Is it spending time with your puppy or kitty? Is it carving out time to spend with your partner? Is it some other form of physical expression? Dance? Painting? Making music? Whatever it is, please experiment and find it. Then do it. Often enough to fill you up with gratitude for your beautiful life! Part of our healthy journey is appreciation for what is, at this moment, right now.

Desire to find your bliss. Dedication to honoring your bliss. Discipline to frequent wallowing in your bliss!


  1. Great "crack-of-dawn" post! I loved the colors your described in the rising of the sun! Thanks, so much!

  2. Thanks! It was a good sunrise!!!