Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Challenges to Overcome

I received a skin cancer diagnosis this week. I have basal cell carcinoma above my lip on the right side. The really great news is that I will have Mohs surgery to remove it, I will completely heal and I will be able to put this behind me. My doc said that there is a 99% chance of full recovery! I like that number!

At first I was scared, then I was angry and now I am focused on a healing journey, not a health crisis. It was interesting that in between scared and angry I was totally moved to want to do stress eating! I ate some grilled pita with an artichoke dip, then I stopped myself. Stress eating is so easy to fall into. But I am really glad I was able to so easily access my "stop" button.

I will not be able to workout for one week following the surgery, so I will have to be uber-vigilant about my caloric intake.

So I'm changing my eating plan to include juicing. The extra nutrients that you can ingest from juicing organic fruits and vegetables can really increase the healing process for the skin. My first day I made a juice with swiss chard, carrot and apple. Today is was pomegranate, swiss chard, carrot and apple. It was delicious! So each day I will create a nice big glass of healthy healing organic juice and enjoy every drop!

Desire to heal completely! Dedication to doing everything possible to put this into my rear view mirror. Discipline to be vigilant with my nutrition and fitness.


  1. Great post, girl! Thanks for sharing your healing news with all of us! We'll hafta' talk juice recipes/ideas! If you venture into all green juice (to keep carb amounts down)...cilantro/lime/teensy piece of jalapeno with your leafy-green-of-choice is maaavelous! Much love to you!

  2. Your post reminded me of something and I also learned something. I was reminded of what a positive and wonderful person you are. I also learned that artichoke dip is not healthy.... Ruh oh!

  3. I think artichoke juice is healthy but the dip with cheese and mayo....not so much!!! Darn it all!