Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I believe it is so important to hit our own "pause" button to give thanks to all of the men and women who have sacrificed so that we can live in our wonderful free country. This holiday is more than another day off of work. It is a time for true reflection and introspection. A time for us to ask ourselves - are we doing everything we can do to support the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted every day.

So, if you can, please do something today to recognize all of those people before us who have sacrificed for all of us!

On Saturday evening, we had friends over for dinner, including my Godson. He is amazing! I could not be more proud of this young man if he were my own flesh and blood. It was awesome to see him, his parents and my parents. It was really easy to stay on plan too! For appetizers, we served raw veges and hummus, grilled chicken sausages cut up into pieces on toothpicks, and tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole. Dinner was a salad of cucumbers, basil, tomatoes, onions and mozzarella tossed with lemon and a drizzle of olive oil. Also, grilled ears of fresh corn, chicken and steak. So people could create a plate with whatever they wanted. Dessert was fresh pineapple and dates. We also served beer and wine but I choose to stay with good old H2O for the evening.

It was a wonderful evening of family, sharing stories and generational connections. It is so nice to be able to share family and food and stay true to a healthy eating plan! We will be with our dear friends from Arizona this evening for a beach BBQ. We are bringing BBQ chicken and marinated pork roast to grill. Also, ears of corn (again) and a salad of black beans, tomatoes, green onions and queso fresca. Another yummy dinner! I am also repeating the raw veges and hummus, but this time bringing chips and salsa, the baked ones. There will be teenagers so I am bringing potato chips and tortilla chips and chocolate chip cookies for dessert this time. I will avoid the chips and cookies!

I hope you are enjoying a nice holiday weekend filled with the desire to connect with loved ones (including yourself, the discipline to make healthy eating choices and dedication to your personal truth!

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  1. BBQ with friends and staying on plan. Thanks for your encouraging and inspiring posts.