Sunday, January 26, 2014

Haggis and Neeps

I know it sounds like a new pair of cartoon characters, but it is actually a delicious Scottish dish.  Last night Allen and I attended the annual Robbie Burns dinner.  He is the poet laureate for Scotland who lived in the 1700s.  He is best known for writing the song we sing on New Year's Eve, Auld Lang Syne.

Anyway, you get a bunch of men in full kilt regalia, add in whiskey tasting, bagpipes and highland dancing and you have a fun night!  They always serve haggis and neeps as the appetizer.  It actually is quite delicious.  Haggis is similar to sausage but they incorporate oats. Neeps is short to turnips and they serve them mashed.  I also ordered the salmon instead of the beef, way fewer calories for sure!

It is fun to have different tastes from different cultures to spice up the palate.  I have been eating REALLY clean and low calorie, so last night was a bit of a departure.  I was very modest with my portions, avoided the alcohol and had only a tiny portion of the trifle served at desert.  All in all, a successful evening from a nutrition perspective. 

I keep reminding myself to eat less, feel hungry and embrace greater health!     How are you doing?

Desire to eat less.  Dedication to love hunger.  Discipline to move more.

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