Sunday, January 5, 2014

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Welcome to 2014!  It is an overused rant, but SERIOUSLY how did it get to be 2014 already!  Another year has flown by.  So many folks are making resolutions.  Forbes magazine said that a scant 8% of those who make a resolution actually achieve them.  My trainer on Saturday said she made 2 resolutions on New Year's Eve and had broken both of them already (no sugar and always being nice to her clients).  :-)

At my restorative yoga class on Friday evening, (I wish you could all go with me it is a slice of heaven!),  Flossie, the teacher extraordinaire, was talking about taking the opportunity in class to let 2013 fall away into the past; to let go of everything you thought you should have done (shed weight?  exercise more? drink less? etc.) and to set your intention for how you want to live your best life in the year to come.  I love how she shares her thoughts and lets them flow for us all to hear. It makes sense for me to let go of last year.  If you never let go of the shore, you will not be able to reach the other side (of life)!

So, instead of thinking about making a resolution, what can you think about in a different way to help you achieve your personal vision to be the very best healthiest person you can be???

For me, my 2014 intention is to spend more time being hungry.  When we are hungry, we are burning available fuel from our bodies.  I know I have abundance of available fuel!!!

So, when I feel the physical sensation of hunger, I will reach for something to drink, most likely water or tea, and wait for the initial sensation to pass.  When the hunger rears it's head again, maybe then I will feed it.  We just have to change our minds about hunger.  It is a good sensation, not one to be avoided.

So, here's to reducing the abundance of available fuel on my body. 

Desire to have a fabulous and fit 2014.  Dedication to paying attention to my physical sensations. Discipline to delay gratification when I feel hunger.

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