Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Refreshed Admirals Club

I am sitting in the San Diego Admirals Club.  It has always been a small club, not one of their top clubs for sure.  They have just finished a remodel and it looks quite refreshed. 

They are now offering complimentary wine and beer, which I do not drink on most trips (too many empty calories), but they are also offering complimentary iced tea, which I love!

I am so happy that they are offering choices that are healthier.  They still offer the killer pretzel snack mix and yogurt covered pretzels, which are not on my approved list AND they are now offering fresh veges.  Today's selection includes celery, carrots and cherry tomatoes.  They also have a wonderful bowl of fresh apples (both red and green) and oranges.  Each piece of fruit is wrapped in plastic wrap.  Hurray!  Munchies that I can snack on and enjoy guilt free.

Of course, I have to engage all my will power and avoid the cookies too.  Which I will do today....  :-)

I will be on a plane during the Super Bowl, so I have an automatic reason why I will not be eating game food today. 

Desire to travel healthy.  Dedication to not feel deprived.  Discipline to not touch the cookies!

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  1. Great snacks to grab for the plane! Lucky girl! Keep away from the....cookies!