Sunday, December 22, 2013

San Diego vs. Green Bay

I am sitting here this morning with my beautiful niece (23) who has moved to San Diego from Green Bay 4 months ago.  We just enjoyed a delicious Christmas breakfast including a limoncello mimosa.  Delicious!

We were talking about the beautiful weather here in San Diego after facetiming with her folks (in Green Bay) who had to go out and blow the snow from the driveway so they could go pick up visiting family for the holidays.

We also talked about indulging for the holidays and I said we can all diet on January 1.  Emily reminded me that I had told her never to diet, because the word diet has the word die in it!

First of all, I was tickled pink that she remembered something I had told her!  That in itself was an amazing thing! Then I reflected about what she had said and I actually agree with her!  Diet does have die in the word.  We want to alter the way we eat to become healthier, not to die!  So as I enjoy the treats of the season, I do want to move towards continued health and give zero thought to the word "die".  So we will all continue on our healthy journeys and never diet again!!!

Desire to increase health. Dedication to listen to the wise ones in our lives. Discipline to never DIEt again!

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  1. How marvelous to hear one's own words spoken to you! Isn't it awesome, how Life works??? Congratulations, "Wise One"!