Monday, September 2, 2013

Save Time in a Bottle

Over the past month, we have been to 3 weddings, culminating with my godson's wedding on O'ahu on Saturday.  All 3 couples are very different, all 3 couples are joyously happy.  It has been a true pleasure to share their happiness. 

Allen and I were married 26 years ago, this September 12th.  My parents were married 62 years ago this September 8th.  We are celebrating together and are saying that we are celebrating 88 years of marriage! 

Of course, it is a big number to say, and yet it is so thought provoking, to see the alpha and the omega of marriage; the people just starting out and folks like  my parents who are at the other end of the spectrum.  We humbly sit somewhere in between. 

As I reflect on my healthy journey, I am convinced that those of us who are blessed with a positive life partner probably have an easier time with our healthy journey.  Allen has loved me through thick and thin (literally) and everything in between.  For his love, I am eternally grateful. Everyday. 

But love and support comes in lots of flavors.  I know many amazing people who are supported by family and friends, but are not in a committed partner relationship.  It doesn't matter where it comes from - friends, family, lovers, co-workers, etc.  I think what matters along this journey is connecting with meaningful people in our lives to share the healthy journey, to seek support on the healthy journey, to praise us and help us course correct.

So, whether you are involved with someone who supports you fro 2 years, 26 years or 62 years, or somewhere in between, pause and reflect on what a difference it makes to have those special people with you on your healthy journey.  This ride we are on, called life, goes by so damn fast.  Try to savor the moments and enjoy the journey.

Desire to travel the journey with others. Dedication to appreciate the "others".  Discipline to listen when they share. 

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