Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello, Off Cycle!

Sorry for my erratic posting.  The last few weekends and the next couple of upcoming weekends are so full of activity, that I find myself not making time on the computer.  I hope you will forgive my lapses.

Just a few quickies tonight......

1.  I was in Phoenix airport yesterday.  I ate at a restaurant called Chelsea's Kitchen and had the best fish tacos ever.  I know if it hard to believe...airport and best of anything in the same sentence.  Still, if you ever find your self there and are hungry, I highly recommend it.  They served it with an awesome kale slaw....super good choices, especially for an airport meal!!!

2.  I had a great discussion with my doctor recently about why it is so damn hard to shed weight and keep it off.  She says that all the most recent research is pointing to the truth that calorie restriction is the only and best way.  She says that since she has entered her 50's, she has to stay at 1,200 calories or she gains.  So, it isn't that this is shocking news, it is just that it is so challenging to socialize away from plentiful food.  I eat right and do lots of great exercise.  I just need to eat less food (most of the time anyway).  So, I am going to go back to calorie counting to get used to 1,200 a day to shed my pounds that have crept back.  Then get used to it as the norm!

Desire to travel to a lower body mass.  Dedication to love myself enough to eat less food.  Discipline to count everything until it becomes the norm.

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