Monday, May 27, 2013

A Restorative Workout

My spectacular fantastic niece just finished up a post graduation visit to San Diego, her birth city.  She has just graduated from George Washington University. We had a wonderful visit with her.  She spent time with us, with her grandparents, aunts and uncles and a cousin. We did lots of workouts, beach, restaurants and shopping! 

I introduced her to restorative yoga.  She had begun practicing yoga during her senior year at GW.  Like everything else in her life, she enjoyed the "power" part of the vinyasa flow.  She commented that restorative yoga was wonderful because it gave her a chance to go slower, it gave her permission to slow down, it was OK to go slower.

It made me think how much of our lives are striving, pushing, running, seeking, go, go, go, faster, faster, faster......   There is actually great power in slowing down.  It is in those moments of quiet that you can really look inside yourself and see what needs or wants more attention and nurturing.  I often think that we schedule ourselves so much as a way of avoiding what really would benefit from our focus...that is ourselves.  Restorative yoga is a way of hitting your personal pause button and just taking a moment for YOU.  I love it.  My niece loves it.  I think you will too.

Desire to pause and reflect.  Dedication to YOU.   Discipline to just go slow.

Happy Memorial Day!

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