Monday, May 13, 2013

A Different Celebration

A good friend of mine, Marshall Goldsmith, says that every day can be a special occassion, all we have to do is look for a reason to "celebrate" and we can find it.  I agree with him.

In my dedication to continue seeking a lower healthy body weight, I am in constant contact with opportunities to celebrate.  So I am trying a different approach.  Please read on.....

Saturday night was a graduation party fo rmy niece, jusr graduated from George Washington University (thank you very much!)  So at the party I skipped the crackers, passed on the pasta, said no to the garlic bread and wine, waved off the cake and ice cream and even denied the See's candy.  AND  I had a fun evening of celebration focusing on the graduate instead of the food.

Then on Sunday afternoon we celerated Mother's Day with a weinie roast on the beach.  Again, I focused on the love we all have for Mom and passed the chips, ate a naked weinie with no bun, avoided the brown rice salad, skipped wine and watched others eat a special cake in celebration of Mom. 

I am sure I avoided over 2,000 calories and I thoroughly enjoyed each celebration.  Of course, I will indulge again, but just not for every holiday and celebration that comes along.

Desire to celebrate.  Dedication to my plan.  Discipline to make continuing healthy choices.


  1. Awesome for you. I am a bit focused on the "naked weenie"