Sunday, April 28, 2013

We're Walkng, We're Walking.....

We flew east to visit our niece who is graduating from George Washington University in 2 weeks.  She is an amazing young woman who off to a great start in life.  We are so proud of her!!!

At the same time we intersected with another amazing woman, our friend Admiral Allie.  She gave us all a tour of the Pentagon (her office), where we walked on every level, saw fantastic corridors filled with amazing art, saw the famed purple fountain in the basement and finished our (5 mile) tour at the 9/11 Memorial outside of the Pentagon.  It was a very special day filled with love, friendship and walking!

The next day we walked from our hotel to breakfast, then to the Lincoln Memorial, past the Korean Memorial, to the MLK Jr. Memorial, to the WWI Memorial, the the WWII Memorial, past the Washington monument (closed for reno) and ended up a the Air and Space Museum, where my niece is a tour guide.  After walking through the museum, we finally got to sit down and have something to drink.  AHHHHHH, it felt great on my feet!

We cabbed to dinner but then walked to the Metro to get home, and walked from the Metro to where we were staying.

Lots of walking during our little trip.  I highly recommend walking as a way of burning calories on vacation trips!!! 

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