Sunday, December 23, 2012

Declare Early and Often!

Why wait until New Year's Eve to decide what your 2013 focus will be?  Some people call them resolutions, others say it is a promise of what is to come, still others call it intention.  I think the tradition can be thought of as focus.  What will you focus on?  What will you deem as important enough to capture your ongoing attention and follow-up?

You know, we accomplish what we focus on.  So, take a few moments to declare, to yourself and/or to others, what is important to you.  If you make your focus public, then others can help you achieve your destination. 

My 2013 resolution/intention/focus is to become a healthier lower weight by 20% of my current self.  In support of being public with my focus, I have declared January 2 (the day we go back to work) as the beginning of the 2013 Healthy Journey Biggest Loser contest.  Everyone on the HR team (where I work) was invited to participate.  So, far, we have 17 people who want to join.  We are running the contest through February.  I intend to win!  We are going to capture (weekly) each person's percentage of weight loss.  I will share my progress with you.

So, for now, I wish you a very merry Christmas, however you celebrate!  Relax, enjoy, wallow a little and have fun! 

Desire to relax, enjoy and wallow.  Dedication toshare the contest with co-workers and friends. Discipline to report and share.


  1. I am not thrilled to say this out loud but I have fallen off the healthy wagon and gained the hard lost weight back. I can blame it on job stress, sealing with family matters etc but at the end of the day, it's on me ... Literally. I will work to get back in the healthy train.

    1. I love you! It is SOOOOOO easy to gain and SOOOOOO hard to shed!!!! That is the truth! Welcome aboard the healthy train! There is a seat reserved for you in the first class compartment! Love you!