Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scary, Spooky Halloween Speed Bumps!

This year, more than others in the past, I am being hit with Halloween temptations at every turn of the screw!  Candy at work, candy at nail salons, treats at every office I walk into.  People in stores offering free get the picture!  Is it more pervasive this year?  Or am I just more sensitive to it?

Tomorrow is Halloween and I plan to work out with my trainer after work, then come home and keep the outside of the house dark, so as not to attract kids.  In years past, we always went to one of our sibling's houses where the little kids were.  Now that they are grown and live in other states, we simply keep the house dark. 

So, yesterday, Saturday morning, I did my normal hour of cardio followed by an hour with my trainer.  BUT, my trainer had a personal emergency to deal with so she was a no show ( a rare occurrance!).  There were 6 of us who were going to be doing team training that morning and we all huddled around to compare notes.  The other women were about to disperse and I said...Hey why don't we all just train together?  4 of us ended up working out together.  It was fun.  They all looked to me for suggestions on how to combine sets, so I referred to my notes from previous workouts and put some of my favorite together.  We all ended up having a good workout and a lot of fun!  I especially enjoyed it because I envision that when I retire from the corporate world, I will become a certified trainer, so it was a tiny glimpse into my future, God willing!  I enjoyed giving the other women positive reinforcement, becasue that is what I like to receive. 

There is a great little book by Blanchard, called Whale Done!  It is the story of how the trainers at Sea World get the killer whales to perform the way they want them to.  It is 100% positive reinforcement.  They actually say, would you want to get into the water with a killer whale after making them mad at you???  :-)

So, as you think about your journey, remember to give positive reinforcement to yourself as you navigate your healthy choices.  You will respond better with love and encouragement, not self criticism and upset.  If you skip a workout, don't get mad at yourself, just recognize that your body needed to take a break.  If you eat something off plan, don't get disgusted, simply acknowledge that you nurtured yourself in a different way.  Always remember to love yourself enough to return to your healthy journey.  That is the ultimate expression of love - to love yourself enough to care about being healthy!

Desire to be positive. Dedication to to realize you are worth the effort.  Discipline to always reinforce with love.


  1. Every week I say it and mean it; "I love this week's 3-D's!" Seriously, a whole collection of your 3-D's would be a book I would buy, read & keep for inspiration! Good one this week!

  2. What a great idea? It hadn't crossed my mind, but now that you brought it up....I think you are on to something!!! Brilliant! U R!