Saturday, June 11, 2011

Size Matters :-)

It is so easy to slip off of the portion control wagon! I have been examining every single thing I put into my mouth.  I know it sounds so booooooring!  But, remember, I am really motivated to shed more weight and have been stymied because I haven't been able to yet. 

So amidst all of the weighing and measuring, last Sunday evening, I found myself snacking on some delicious Fit Bites.  I did not count them out or measure by weight, I simply kept reaching into the bag for one more.  Then I realized I had completely over eaten and put the bag away.  It was a powerful realization and reminder about how easy it is to loose focus!  So as much as I enjoyed every morsel that went into my mouth (and I did), there will be no more errant snacking activity for me!  It is a reminder that 100 calories a day that is not burned, is, instead, stored as fat and can add up to one pound of weight gain a month!Yikes!  I do not want that!

Desire to travel further on my journey to better health.  Dedication to myself, because I am worth it.  Discipline to REALLY pay attention my intake and nutrition.


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  2. Dedication to myself, because I am worth it! Love that one! (Removed my first post, due to spelling error!) Reading you new Ah-ha's are NEVER boring....great post!