Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trying New Things!

I heard from Sarah who asked me if I had heard of Mark Bitten and his book, Food Matters.   Yes, I have!  He advocates that we can change the planet if we are more mindful of what we eat.  He is a vegetarian until dinner time.  That cracks me up! 
A label I have heard used is "flexitarian", someone who has a "Meatless Monday" or eliminates animal products part of the time. 

Of course, Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution is making a big impact in the U.S.  I enjoy watching his approach to trying to get people to try a new way of approaching food and nutrition.

I just had my lunch and had falafel chips with my lunch today They are like a crispy flat falafel.  I found them at Jimbo's and they are delicious!  Give 'em a try!

So, this morning I had my ass handed to me during my workout with my trainer.  One legged burpees alternating with trunk rotations.  Walking lunges with side ball bounce.  Pull ups (ok-mine were assisted, I still can't do a full body pull up alone yet!) Jumping jack burpees.  Bosu push-ups and move.  Triple load on the triceps. Need I go on????  Talk about trying something new!  My trainer and I decided to add a bigger calorie burn to our sessions to impact how I am burning calories.  I will let you know how it goes!

Desire to lead with an open mind.  Dedication to make yourself do the final set of one legged burpees.  Discipline to know when to flex!

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading about your workout. Good for you though!