Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Fun Get-a-way

Allen and I went away for a weekend at the Laguna Cliffs Resort in Dana Point.  We had a blast!  I took Friday off and did my 2 hour workout on Friday morning.  Then on Saturday we took a nice relaxing walk around the harbor.  Then Sunday morning, after sleeping in, we hiked up the back side of the harbor, then out onto the headlands, then up another very steep set of stairs, then around the harbor, then did 3 more sets of stairs just for fun!  It was a great workout!  It was a nice balance to the treats we had at the bar last night!

I have been listening to a lot of women who have been talking about the diets they have been on.  One friend is doing Weight Watchers.  One friend is on Slim Fast shakes.  One friend is on Medifast.  One friend described something called HCG plus 500 calories a day.....wasn't sure I even understood that one.  One friend had to give up gluten and dairy for the health of her gut and is giving up animal protein too.  I asked her - does that make you a vegan?  She declined the label, but had to agree.

One thing I am sure of is that we are all working on finding a healthier version of ourselves.  Feel free to let me know what is working for you.  I am always interested in learning new and better ways to find a healthier version of me.

Desire to break free from the routine and have fun!  Dedication to staying true to workouts while having fun!  Discipline to keep learning by seeking wisdom with fresh eyes!   


  1. Hi Patty - have you read Mark Bitten's "Food Matters?" We just got his Food Matters Cook Book and have been trying out the recipes. Yesterday we had "clean out the fridge vegetable soup" (delicious!) Last night - whole wheat mac and cheese that eliminates the cream by mashing cooked cauliflower. It was pretty tasty with some hot sauce (southern style!)Though I have to admit it sort of made me want the real thing - perhaps it needs a different title. :)

    Anyway, his thesis in Food Matters is basically that we can help ourselves, and help the planet, by making our meats more of a "condiment" and less of the main affair. He actually made a decision to be a vegan until 6 pm, then he can incorporate meat products for his evening meal. (He's a food writer... so he couldn't give up everything!)

  2. Hi Sara,
    Great to hear from you! So glad you are trying new things!!!