Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Lessons Come from Everywhere!

Who would think that a powerful lesson would come from watching American Idol? Well the final contestant profiled on Wednesday night's show was a young man who was dedicated to his fiance, who had been in a car accident, suffered traumatic brain injury and was now seriously impaired. His love for her and his dedication to taking care of her was a "whole box of tissues" moment. He said - "I was 2 months away from our wedding where I was going to commit to loving her in sickness and in health. What kind of man would I be if I left her now?"

It was a real MOMENT on TV. I bet zillions of people across the country were impacted by the the character of this man. (BTW, he is going to Hollywood! Yay!)

So, for me, it was yet another opportunity to reflect on my journey, and feel very ashamed of myself for worrying about truly unimportant things in life like how many pounds I had lost in the previous week. YES, it is important to stay focused on a healthy journey, and NO it is not important if we are stuck and need to get past a plateau. We have the ability and the brain power and the where with all to make choices every day that can impact our lives in a healthy positive way. The poor young woman who was injured has had her life altered forever. It makes me sit and wonder...why does God give some people such enormous challenges in life. I am humbled beyond anything to realize that my challenges are puny and insignificant by comparison.

So, embrace your healthy journey, focus on what will help you live your best life and rememebr to give back to someone else who needs your help.

Desire to accept life's lessons wherever they come from. Dedication to helping others in need. Discipline to stay focused on my healthy journey, little frustrations be damned!

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  1. I agree...who'd've expected a life lesson from (especially, the "new") American Idol??? I "got it", too! Well said, and as ever, I am inspired by your well-written insight that "brings it home" to health! Love you & your blog!