Saturday, January 22, 2011

Joining Friends for Dinner

I worked out with my trainer this morning and also did 30 minutes of hard cardio. Tomorrow Allen and I will go do our favorite beach walk with the 5 really long staircases.

We are meeting friends for dinner out tonight and I want to be very careful. Last Saturday night, we also went out with friends. When they heard about my recent promotion, they ordered champagne to celebrate. I wasn't planning on consuming alcohol calories, but had a glass just the same. I also tasted a wide variety of delicious Chinese dishes. Our host had ordered for the group so I did taste quite a bit. I ended up eating way more calories than I had wanted to. Tonight will be different. I know the restaurant and will place a healthy order and enjoy it!

Going out to dinner can definitely lead to extra calories consumed but I think it is all part of learning how to live in the real world and engage in normal social activity.

I shed 2 pounds last week so now I only have 3 more to go to get back to my pre-Christmas number (yes, I enjoyed gaining 5 pounds from all the holiday treats!). From there it is on to reaching my final goal in 2011!!!

Desire to celebrate life. Dedication to returning to plan. Discipline to keep up the workouts.

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