Saturday, December 11, 2010

Could It Be That Easy???

I have dropped 3 pounds since Tuesday (when I had my surgery).....all because I am juicing and only eating soft foods that require no chewing, like scrambled egg whites or applesauce or the inside of a baked yam or fat free frozen yogurt. So I have shed my Thanksgiving gain of 2 pounds plus one.

I am restricted from moving my upper lip until the stitches come out so that means minimal talking, chewing, no smiling or laughing and no exercise (or anything else that is really fun!). Beginning Wednesday, I can begin light exercise like walking for a week and then resume my full fitness regime.

So, I have not exercised since Tuesday morning. I was full of anxiety over the procedure and couldn't sleep so I was up and at the gym at 5 am before going to the doctor. So, I repeat, no exercise and I have dropped 3 pounds....obviously it is because I am not eating much.

CAN IT BE THAT EASY??? If you want to weigh less, just eat less! By cracky, I think I have stumbled on to something! :-) Of course, I am joking, but it does give me pause to think about where I am in my journey.

I am a HUGE proponent of execise because it does so much to make you so much healthier - blood presure, cholesterol, cardiovascular health, glowing skin, firm muscles, happy moods and so much more! But I think that food restriction might be a stronger element in dropping weight.

This has been a good lesson about how much my body needs to sustain itself. Since before the surgery, my laser focus has been on excellent nutrients into my body to promote stronger healing. Since I am required to be still, I have required fewer calories, but still of a very high quality. My body seems to like it because my healing is progressing well and, as I said already, I dropped a few pounds.

Once I resume my walking and then full fitness schedule schedule, I will need to increase my calories, but maye, just maybe, I have broken through my months long plateau and will continue on!

Desire to be open to life's lessons. Dedication to listening to what God may be whispering in my ear. Discipline to apply the beauty of the learning.


  1. When you wrote; "...God may be whispering in my ear", I got all choked up...So powerfully worded, girlie-girl! I heart you!

  2. Love it, " I think I have stumbled onto something". Started juicing ( my trainer freaked when I told him but he calmed din when he realized it's about fruits Nd veggies) today. Juiced carrots, apples and celery. Next was spinach and carrots. I think I like this. Will have carrots and apple juice tmrw. Thanks for the inspiration patty