Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confessions of a Traveler

I am compelled to tell you that last night for desert I was served an awesome souffle and I ate it! I can hear you gasping....I know that sugar is like crack cocaine....BUT I have the tiniest vege terrien as an appetizer, I did sample a roll because it was olive bread and I had roast chicken (sans skin) with a side of green veges for wine! I was at a very fancy restaurant that is owned by a good friend of my good friend. The owner brought over 4 souffles for the table, 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate.....I was only trying to be polite by eating mine!

It was of those things that are so special that you HAVE to eat it. Although HP was with me and she did not have even one bite. I am so proud of her!!!! I have done the same thing may times and will do the same thing many times in the future!

But boy oh boy oh boy was it ever *&%#@&*^ GOOD!!!!!


Desire to indulge at times, dedication to make the changes around the indulgence to balance it out and discipline to get right back into your program!


  1. It would have been a MUCH bigger sin to not taste/eat it than eat it! When a chef sends a food especially to you...ya' gotta give it a try! So happy to hear it was magnificently worth the go-for-it decision! Sounds like a perfect meal with great friends...all part of b.a.l.a.n.c.e.