Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh Pumpkin, My Pumpkin!

I love the flavor of pumpkin, so this food season is a little slice of heaven for me!  In the past, I was the first one in line for the pumpkin scone as soon as it appeared at Starbucks.  Now, I find them dry and not worth the calories.

So I have been in search of a pumpkin fix that meets my (ridiculously) high taste standards.  Last weekend we went to a restaurant and I tried their pumpkin pancakes.  I sent them back, too rubbery.  The weekend prior I really cracked up my hubbie.  First we ordered a pumpkin roll, which came out so gooey it was disgusting.  Then I asked for an order of their pumpkin toast, which I didn't eat because I couldn't taste the pumpkin.  Then I asked for a pumpkin muffin, which I picked at because it was too sugary.  Hubbie said - "give it up Dear!"  He was right. :-)

So this morning I created a pumpkin pancake batter and thoroughly enjoyed some pancakes (with light butter) and real maple syrup.  I am completely satisfied and happy!  The calories were high for breakfast, but I won't eat lunch and am planning a big salad for dinner.  An hour of cardio will happen today too. It all balances out.

One other pumpkin treat I "invented"......take the plain canned pumpkin, add stevia and pumpkin pie spice to taste.  Set it in the freezer for an hour, take it out and enjoy a fun version of "pumpkin" ice cream.  Of course it is not ice cream, but it is full of flavor, cold and creamy and only 80 calories for a whole cup!

Desire to satisfy my taste buds.  Dedication to keep trying to find the right flavor treat.  Discipline to carefully enjoy. 

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  1. You may like my new pumpkin cookies! They ARE worth it, to be sure! Happy Pumpkin Season!