Saturday, August 17, 2013

"The Plan"

How many of you have heard about The Plan?  A friend just told me about it today.  I did a search and saw that Dr. Oz featured it on his show recently.  This link should get you to his site to watch all about it.

It is compelling because a nutrition practitioner claims to have found the secret to weight loss.  Apparently, many of us struggling to lose weight and keep it off are simply making food choices that are wrong for us.

The cleanse phase of The Plan is only 3 days and then you slowly and systematically add back foods and carefully monitor how your body reacts to the foods.  It is based on our body having an inflammatory response to some foods that causes us to gain weight, even healthy foods like beans, broccoli, salmon, eggs and many more foods. 

I am intrigued.  I am going to buy the book, read it and give it a try.  If any of you have tried this and have an opinion on this "new theory", I would love to hear from you! 

Desire to check out The Plan.  Dedication to seek out the information.  Discipline to invest the 20 days to try it!                                                                                                                          

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  1. Very curious what you find here - be sure to post again! The Whole 30 people make some of the same claims, though they eliminate the foods for everyone. You can read about why they are against beans, soy and peanuts here:

    I eat a fair bit of natural peanut butter as my protein in the morning. I can't imagine giving it up! -ST