Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just When You Thought......

I worked out with my trainer, Kathi, this morning.  I started out on the cross trainer for 40 minutes to warm up and get a little sweat going.  Then Kathi put me through my paces for about 45 minutes.  I am still only doing lower body and abs.  I am rehabbing my elbow tendonitis.  It is slowly getting better.  It takes a lot of patience...I haven't lifted a weight in 5 weeks!!!!

But I digress......just when I thought I had done every ab exercise variation known to human kind, I learned I was wrong! 

This morning, Kathi had me do a new ab!  Try this one - lay on your back, both legs straight out in front of you.  Keep your hands by your side,  Lift your head and shoulders so you feel a good amount of tension in your upper abs.  Then keeping your legs straight, lift both legs off the floor about 6 inches.  Then lift one leg up and down from 6 inches off the floor to about 12 inches off the floor.  Do 15 reps with one leg, then switch.  Keep your head and shoulders up and tension in your upper abs the whole time you are lifting and lowering your legs.

It was awesome and quite challenging!  Try'll like it!

Desire to keep being challenged.  Dedication to our exercise.  Discipline to keep your head and shoulders off the ground through the whole ab series.

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