Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fighting a Cold!

Two weeks ago, I fought off a cold and thoroughly enjoyed the holidays and my brother's visit.  Well, well, well....the cold decided to pay me another visit and I am back fighting it again.  It is REALLY annoying!  I have a small tickle in my throat that is causing me to cough all night long and all day today.  Fortunately that is my only symptom, but, trust me, it is enough.....

So,  the good news amidst the annoyance of coughing is that my appetitie is minimal.  Feed a cold? Starve a fever/  Or vice versa?  I'm not sure, but whichever it is, I am not tempted by food right now.  There is my silver lining!

Which is it for you when you have a cold?

Also, I did get up and go to the gym for an hour of cardio mid-day.  I am glad I exercised, and I was happy to come home to shower and take a nap. 

I have a really busy week and I need to be healthy, so wish me luck on winning the fight against the cold!

Fortunately, it is rare when I catch a cold and I can't help but think it is an opportunity to be so very grateful for my good health the rest of the time.  I get really annoyed fairly easily by having a cough.  My heart goes all the way out to people who have chronic serious health issues. God bless them as they struggle to be healthy.  It is why this "healthy journey" is so consumingly important to me.  I know that a person who is healthy - meaning a healthy weight, a healthy blood pressure, a healthy heart rate, a healthy fitness level, healthy blood chemistry, a healthy outlook, and so on....are much more likely to live a longer life with increased quality of life. 

So, go out and find your way to great health.

Desire to be healthy. Dedication to find healthy options.  Discipline to always focus on health.

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