Sunday, January 22, 2012

Am I Strong Enough?

Today, during my workout with my trainer, she had me do bicep curls with a 35 pound bar.  It felt good to be able to curl that much weight.  I did sit-ups with a 25 pound plate from a decline position.  I did chest press on the ball with 25 pound dumb bells.  I did step ups to a  shoulder press with 12.5 pound dumb bells.  I am really pleased with my physical strength and my ability to power through a workout.  I am really strong!  Yay!

BUT - my recurring challenge is with food.  I really want to re-double my efforts to drop more weight.  I want to say good-bye to the holiday pounds - yes, I did gain a few - CRAP - and for me it is all about the food.  Am I strong enough to push away the food that is no longer serving me?  I say YES. 

January is a time of rebirth, of new affirmations, of renewed focus, of fresh direction, of strengthened targets.  What is in your cross hairs?  Are you strong enough to go in the direction that will best serve you?


Desire to stay strong. Dedication to your forward direction.  Discipline to embrace the YES.

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  1. Great YES! color format @ Healthy Journey!! Love it! Love you!