Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Back's a Bummer

This weekend I am being challenged by my lower back. It is tweaked to the point that I am dealing with a muscle spasm that hurts like a you know what! I did a svaroopa yoga (svaroopa mean bliss and is wonderfully gentle and nurturing) class yesterday and walked out feeling like a million bucks. But a few hours later the muscles tightened up again and the agony returned.

The good news is that I saw my chiropractor yesterday and will see her again on Monday. She does the activator method, which is very gentle. I will do more yoga today. Also, I was in my jacuzzi yesterday, will get in again today and have a massage scheduled later today (Sunday).

My challenge is that I want to work out! I believe my lesson is to be gentle with myself and to try to enjoy the beauty of taking care of myself.... All last week I felt my back muscles getting tighter, but I kept pushing through my normal routine. I should have backed off sooner and taken myself to the chiropractor sooner. Oh well, lesson learned!

Desire to learn to be more gentle and nurturing to myself. Discipline to pay attention more closely when my body sends me a message. Dedication to personal growth, in whatever form it comes my way!


  1. Oh crud! I hope you feel better and take care of yourself. Know more svaroopa for u! Wow, I used svaroopa in a sentence....who would have thunk it.

  2. Reading your 3 D's is very powerful this week! May even be the heart of the whole matter?! And so good to hear your toolbox is full of tools to feel better...Swaroopa and you ROCK! (You're right, Helene...that's fun!)

  3. Thanks guys. Today is Wed. and I am almost back to normal, yay!