Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Fun Slumber Party!

Thursday night we babysat for 3 little neighbor girls.  Their parents were off on the 204 mile Ragnar run, which is a 12 person relay team, 2-day experience.  So, while they were off being CRAZY, we took care of Evie (5), Sophia (7) and Abby (10).  It was super fun, as they are exceptionally adorable and very well behaved children, just like we like 'em!  :-)

On Friday morning, they woke up with smiles, brushed their teeth, let me brush their gorgeous heads of hair and were ready for breakfast.  Since they were up early, I offered breakfast at home or, for what I thought they would regard as a treat, we could go to McDonalds.  Sophia looked up at me with her sweet little eyes and said....."there is nothing good to eat at McDonalds, so let's stay home."  On the inside, I was cracking up but we proceeded to eat a very healthy breakfast together that included Ezekiel whole grain english muffins (many kids say "eeeewwww" to this version), yogurt and whole fruit; all their choices.

Her comment did make me think about the high numbers of unhealthy kids in the U.S. (and the world) that haven't had the benefit of their parent's influence about healthy choices.  It really does start young and have an impact on their future too.

So, next time you are with kids, do them a favor and influence them towards healthy choices, just like we are doing in our grown up world!  I guarantee that is the last time I will offer up McDonalds! (with apologies to McDonald's Corporation because I know they have made great strides to include healthy menu options)  I WAS SCHOOLED BY A 7 YEAR OLD!!!  :-)

Desire to love the little ones.  Dedication to keeping kids safe and healthy.  Discipline to help them learn healthy choices.

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  1. What's that old saying; "Out of the mouths of babes..."??? Great story & who knew there was still stuff to learn at a slumber party?? ;-)