Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Not a Dirty Girl!

I went with a friend this morning to try an outdoor boot camp. It was misting, not raining, and it was in a local park. I lasted 15 minutes. The exercise was not challenging but all of the exercises required being in contact with the ground...... First up, we had to sit down on the ground, on mats to pull a tire. The mat I sat on was soaking wet so I had a wet tush right off the bat. I decided to bug out when I had to put my hands on the ground and couldn't find a spot that didn't have rabbit poop on it.....gross! The other participants didn't seem to have any problem with the environmental issues at hand...every pun intended!

So, self-awareness is a good thing! I am more a princess than a tomboy. I know this about myself. I guess I should have not have even gone to the session, but at least I tried~ But not to worry. I finished my workout by going straight to the gym where I was wet because of my own clean sweat!

Desire to try new things. Dedication to self awareness. Discipline to finish what you start.


  1. Even a tomboy, a real boy, and boy-oh-boy, even I would NOT relish laying my hands on ground covered in poop! Yucky! When you poo-pooed one bad designed one you a great, clean gym! Congrats!

  2. Ha! I had a similar experience with my boot camp. I kept thinking, "this is my neighborhood park - I know exactly how many dogs have peed here" every time I had to jump down to a pushup on the grass. I didn't like it, but I figured people live in much worse in 3rd world countries and it probably wouldn't kill me. That said, I was relieved when the class was over!